Hometown Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas, Inc.

Company Values Designed to Our Clients’ & Communities’ Benefit

Our desired outcome isn’t just to create a positive change but to help our clients adopt this change to maintain progress and growth in their lives. Hometown Behavioral Health Services takes pride in providing quality mental health services for the residents of Northeast and North Central Arkansas.

Serving With
Our Hearts

Serving With Our Hearts

At Hometown Behavioral Health Services, we make it our mission to provide quality, comprehensive, community-based mental health services in a caring, compassionate manner. We believe in your healthiest self!

Experienced, Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Experienced, Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Hometown Behavioral Health Services is committed to an all-inclusive team approach that empowers our staff to set high ethical and moral standards of client care by promoting prevention, intervention and education thus assisting people to be healthy, productive members of society. 

Accredited and accessible

We’re accredited by The Joint Commission for Healthcare Organizations (TJC) and certified by the Division of Behavioral Health Services of the state of Arkansas. We recognize that resources in rural areas are limited—that’s why we provide various treatment options in areas where gaps exist.

“Hometown is a place our clients can come and find a smile to put on their face again”

— Katrina Casteel, LCSW